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Legal Details

BORDERPOL trademarks everything it does, so ensure that any material or event claiming to be BORDERPOL-sponsored has proper copyright permission.  Clarion LLC UK is BORDERPOL's official event organizer.

The General Secretariat in Ottawa, Canada, is responsible for the organization's overall administration, while programs and projects are typically managed by the Regional Bureaus and/or contracted firms and individuals.

The Executive Committee members are:

  • Thomas A. Tass, Director General (Canada)
  • Steve G. Grant, Treasurer (Canada)
  •  Peter S. Vincent, Assistant Director General, International Policy (United States)
  • Col. Zoltan Szabo (Ret.) Director, European Secretariat (Hungary)

Legal and Administration

BORDERPOL's policies and programs are governed by its Constitution (2005) and bylaws. Where possible, staff classification standards reflect those followed by many intergovernmental bodies established by the personnel bureau of the United Nations.


All BORDERPOL trademarks, logos, service marks, slogans, copyrighted designs, and other brand features, are used only as explicitly licensed by BORDERPOL and only under the terms and conditions described in such licensing.

No reproduction or duplication, in whole or in part, of any section, item, text, or graphic found on this website is authorized unless a grant of license or copyright permission is specifically issued in writing.  The BORDERPOL website is copyrighted and protected in full by international law, as is the material and content therein protected by BORDERPOL.  

If there is a question regarding our licensing guidelines, copyrights, or if you believe BORDERPOL's crest, logo or slogan is being used fraudulently, please contact the General Secretariat in Ottawa.

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